Trade Unionist faults establishment of 56 tollgates in Southeast

Trade Unionist faults establishment of 56 tollgates in Southeast

By Larry Onwuta

The Enugu State Chairman of Trade Union Congress, Comrade Igbokwe Chukwuma Igbokwe has called on the people of the Southeast to resist the establishment of fifty six tollgates in the region as allegedly proposed by the federal government.

Comrade Chukwuma Igbokwe said it will be unacceptable if such plans becomes true, according to him, that he did not see the rationale where a region that is seen as the list among all in terms of number of States and local government to have tollgates that three geopolitical zones in the northern Nigeria got in the sharing, he affirmed.

He stated this while briefing Editor, Reformist newsmagazine in his office at Enugu, stating that federal roads in the Southeast are not functional therefore federal government has no justification to put tollgates and collect toll on the roads that are deplorable.

“You don’t put tollgates on the roads that are not motorable, if the government should, then the president must ensure that those roads are reconstructed or rehabilitated. Nobody has right to put tollgates where there are potholes here and there”

“When such policy starts, I believe it is not the correct thing but if it becomes correct then it is very unfortunate”

Comrade Igbokwe Chukwuma Igbokwe noted that such policy might spark off negative reactions from the Southeast region of the country.

The Trade Unionist noted that, what the concept initially was that, the tollgates were coming at the entrance of a state capital or at the border between one state or the other. “You are not excepted to put tollgates in the same road at the same local government in the state”.

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“In developed world, there are tollgates, we should know where it should be located and not to extort money from the general public. If tollgate money is collected, we should know where the money is going to and the authority collecting it”

Igbokwe Chukwuma maintained that “If the toll system should be used to maintain the roads fine but not tomorrow corruption that has eating up this country will continue otherwise people will resist it,” he stated.

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