To support grazing reserves only in the North — Tambuwal

The News agency of Nigeria reports that Governor of Sokoto state, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, has reiterated his support for the Federal Government’s planned establishment of grazing reserves.

His support comes with a twist.

The former speaker of the House of Representatives and current Governor of Sokoto State said he’d want the grazing reserves established only within the northern states of the country.

According to Tambuwal, “I am a Fulani from Sokoto and I have cattle. I know that it is better for me to rear and keep my herds in one place and provide good grass for them.

“Talking about the South East and Northern Nigeria relationship, this issue of herdsmen that has been coming up recently I believe the Federal Government is coming up with a measured response.

“[I believe they are bent] on ensuring that we have grazing reserves, particularly, with emphasis in Northern Nigeria, and in states where they originate from.

“This is so that they can remain within their neighborhood, within their families and cater for their cattle in a much better way, more organized way and more economically viable system.

“By having a grazing reserve in Sokoto State for instance, all herdsmen and farmers in Sokoto can graze within the state without moving their herds out.

“We in the northern states in particular have embraced this very proactive measure of establishing grazing reserves in the North so that the herdsmen and their herds can remain at home.

“That will give us better meat, quality milk and for the people of Sokoto and Aba leather for making shoes and other leather works,” Tambuwal said.

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Meanwhile, Governor Rochas Okorocha has backed a bill seeking to establish grazing reserves for herdsmen in three senatorial zones of the state.

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