Ezeemo threatens to forfeit Companies, if failed in campaign promises

Ezeemo threatens to forfeit Companies, if failed in campaign promises

By Emenike Daniels

As 2017 Anambra gubernatorial election is drawing nearer, the aspirant under the platform of Progressive People’s Alliance, PPA, Godwin Chukwunaenye Ezeemo, yesterday urged Anambra youths can burn down his multi-billion dollar enterprises scattered all over the state if he fails on any of his promises if elected as governor of Anambra State.

While addressing the youths during an interactive session held recently in his hometown, Umuchu, Mr Ezeemo after taken a cross section of youth leaders from Odumegwu Ojukwu University and Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, round his multi-billion naira conglomerate of firms in Potter’s Park, Umuchu, said “He brought down all his companies to Awka Anambra the capital city and his hometown Umuchu because of his love for Anambra people which he wants to make the state better, if given the chance”.

He said that one “cannot say he is sincere about making Anambra State better when he has his investments outside the state”. He shared how he had to build access road and provide electricity to his farm, hotel and other production firms, amenities that the government should provide with the huge amount of money that accrue to the state.

Reiterating that the revenue that accrue to Anambra State is more than enough to make her a first world State within a short period of time if the administrator is sincere. Ezeemo promised that if given the chance as governor, he would ensure that funds that come as FAAC from the federal government as well as internally generated are no longer wasted but are employed towards providing all the basic amenities; constant power, quality roads, well reticulated pipe-borne water, standard and  affordable healthcare system and quality free or affordable education system.

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“All these other politicians who say they are running for the governorship position have nothing to lose if Anambra State is not functioning well. I do. All my businesses are here in Anambra State implying that if the state is better, I will be favoured personally just like every other Anambrarian,” Ezeemo said.

He told the youths to wake up from their apathy and realise that they have more to lose in a state governed by selfish politicians. He therefore encouraged them to demand for a credible person to pilot the affairs of the state, adding that he has brought himself out to give such selfless service and have staked his businesses to prove his sincerity.

“I charge all Anambra youths to give me a try and if I do not deliver in my first year in office as governor, you can surround my multi-billion naira firms and burn them to the ground. I will not hold it against you,” he said.



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