APC moves to take over power in Abia come 2019

APC moves to take over power in Abia come 2019

By Ify Ashi ,Umuahia

The All Progressive Congress (APC) Abia state, has accused PDP administration of having retained power in the state through rigging since 1999/2000 that saw the birth of democracy in Nigeria

The APC leader Chief Donatus Nwankpa who disclosed this to Reformist Newspaper at the party’s Secretariat in Umuahia noted that PDP have always used power of incumbent to rig election in the state.

“Since 1999/2000 till date PDP is still holding power in Abia state and the statistics proved that there had never been free and fair election in the state, this time around we have studied the rigging strategy, we will not accept conspiracy therefore peoples vote must count”.

According to him, governor Okezie Ikpeazu will be the last PDP governor in the state because the people of Abia  are already tired of PDP clueless government in the state.

“By May 29, 2019, APC would be sworn in as democratically elected government, we are repositioning and re-strategizing the party in the state, APC is going where people are talking about, transformation”.

The APC Chieftain maintained that PDP years of bad leadership at the national level has kept the country in this conditions as a result APC inherited a bad economy, maintained that it will be very unfair for Nigerians to attribute all the woos of the country to APC

“I want to ask who brought in the harsh economic situation to the country?, APC came in when the last government could not pay salaries, APC started giving out bailout fund to save the situation, it was this government that took seriously the issue of corruption and security, just imagined what would have been the faith of Nigerians assuming PDP was still in power as they were capitalizing on systematic and consumption of reserve”.

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