Angry Disables Vowed Not To Vote APC

Angry Disables Vowed Not To Vote APC

By Ify Ashi Umuahia

The executive director, Centre for Citizens with Disabilities(CCD) Mr David Anyaele has called on president Muhammadu  Buhari and  All Progressive Alliance (APC) to fulfill their campaign promises and signed into law the disability bill.

Anyaele, a Liberia civil war victim whose two hands were amputated stated this while briefing Reformist newspaper in his branch office in Umuahia, he disclosed that the Disability bill has been in the National Assembly since 2000.

He maintained that PDP lost the vote of their members in the last general election because Of the inability of the party to work on the bill and signed it into law despite all promises made.

The executive director disclosed that they were happy when during the campaign APC promised the disables that if they vote them they will ensure that the bill is sharply addressed and passed into law and they will begin to enjoy all the accrued benefit

Anyaele noted that the promise gladden the heart of their members and in mass  they voted for APC, he said that two years down the line the bill is yet to be signed into law.

“The Disability bill has been in the House since 2000, it is true that the APC government has made a significant impact on the bill, we are told that the bill is at the harmonized stage at National Assembly, we are calling for the bill to be ready and signed into law else we would not vote for APC in 2019.

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He described the state of most disables in the country as pathetic and unacceptable “we are living in a society where people do not see us as equal, where people believe we must leave in perpetual charity and depend on others, we want all this to come to an end and that is why signing the bill into law is important to all disables”.

Anyaele maintained that United Nations Organization (UNO) convention is been adopted globally as a guide for promoting people with disability, he further noted that most often the descriptions ascribed to disables are  wrong and they are not happy about it.

“We often hear such names as physically challenge persons, it is wrong because even the people who are not physically challenge like the blind, deaf and dump, those with mental issues, altruism are all part of disability so, the generally accepted name is People with Disabilities, this include  both physical and mental cases”.

He further pointed that disables see the society as very unfriendly not accommodating and marginalizing them adding that churches are the worst.

“The marginalizations of disables are worst in the churches, when religious narratives says people with disabilities are suffering because of their sins, disables see church as hostile and antagonizing to their plight and we are sad about it”.

He concluded by saying that CCD is a foremost right based organization aimed at promoting and projecting issues concerning disables and  have also been partnering with organizations both here in Nigeria and abroad who have helped in empowering disables in the areas of provisions of wheel chairs among others.

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