Anambra Govt.Vows To Deal With Fake Revenue Collectors

Anambra Govt.Vows To Deal With Fake Revenue Collectors
…As Market Leader Begs ” Rescue Us From Gun-trotting, Dagger-Weilding Hoodlums”
By Alphonsus Nweze
The Anambra State Government has again warned that it will deal ruthlessly with individuals who engage in economic sabotage of   the State by illegally collecting revenues from the  traders.
Handing down the warning, when he addressed the leadership of Onitsha South Shop Owners weekend in Onitsha, the State Commissioner for Commerce, Trade and Investment, Dr. Christian Madubuko, said all the authority paper  being bandied about were fake and therefore cancelled.
He told the chairmen and secretaries of all streets that they are representatives  of State Government in their respective streets  and therefore now in charge of revenue collection in the areas.
Madubuko said ” every chairman is now an agent of Government in his/her street in collection of revenues. All these authority papers are fake. None of them come from Government.Some of the carriers of authority papers will be jailed.They intimidate and extort the people.We must fight them. We must fight against these robbers. You must be prepared for war.If you allow those with fake authorities to collect State revenue in your area, we will sack you and send  you to prison”.
He enjoined the leaders of Street market to help chase out these fake people, saying that he cannot be everywhere.
He challenged them to rise up to the situation and defend their areas of jurisdictions.
He said Government has not authorised any other person to collect  any revenue in the streets except line and street chairmen, directing them to obtain Anambra State Social Indentification Number (ANSID) from Board of Internal Revenue, which they will use to pay money they collected.
The Commissioner however, warned that they should not collect the money and pocket it, stressing that if they do that, they risked jail.
He advised the Street leadership to support their overall boss in Onitsha South, Chief Eric Uwaoma,so they can jointly pursue hoodlums out of this State.
He vowed “we must pursue hoodlums out of Anambra State whatever it takes. Thugs and their sponsors should not be allowed to take over Anambra State.Anambra markets must be sanitised”.
He cautioned that no authority paper from Local Government should be entertained, saying that if there is any levy from Local Government, we will inform you through your Chairman.
He also said that the State Government will come up with approved revenues to avoid multiple taxes.
Earlier in his welcome address, Chief Uwaoma had assured the Commissioner of their loyalty and readiness to work with him.
He appealed to the Commissioner to protect them from gun-trotting and dagger-weilding hoodlums in Onitsha who persecute them.
He called for the stoppage of  multiple taxation in the State as it neither  improve the revenue of the State nor  help the traders.
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