Agric Expert Blames Fed Govt over Fulani Herdsmen Continuous Killing

Agric Expert Blames Fed Govt over Fulani Herdsmen Continuous Killing

By Ify Ashi Abia

A big time farmer in Abia state, chief Israel Amanze has blamed the federal government over the continuous Fulani herdsmen destruction of farm land, raping and killing of innocent Nigeria across the country

Amanze revealed this to the Reformist newspapers in Umuahia, he disclosed that the federal government silence over several killings have embolden the herdsmen to take laws into their hands with impunity.

“The federal government has not done their duties, they have allowed herdsmen to continue to kill and destroy farm lands, they carry Ak47 and government would not say anything, but ordinary man with knife is arrested and sent to prison.

The former Senior Adviser on Agriculture to the governor said he has been a victim of the Fulani herdsmen,

“Sometimes this year I woke up to discovered that the herdsmen have invaded my massive farm land and destroyed crops worth millions of naira, I decided to fence the one hectare of farm land casually, they again destroyed the fence and gained entrance and destroyed my crops what I finally did was to put block wall with a gate, this cost me a lot “.

He pointed out that in the absence of secession, restructuring should be the answer to Nigeria problem while he pleaded with States to without delay to sign into law the anti grazing bill to bring to an end Fulani herdsmen impunity. He maintained that ranching is a very good means of rearing animals as it makes animals healthier and grow faster.

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Amanze called on Nigerians to returned back to farm  adding that  we should see  agriculture as a business venture and advised both state and federal government to provide the enable environment among which is to provide irrigation for all year farming.

He stressed on the need for exportation of farm produce and appreciated the Anambra and federal government for the exportation of yam and vegetables.

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