Umahi changes the face of Ebonyi for better – Nwangwu


Umahi changes the face of Ebonyi for better – Nwangwu

Michael Nwani Nwngwu is the President General of Ebonyi Indigenes Welfare association in Diaspora, a cabinet member of Isu traditional rulers counsel in Onicha local government area of Ebonyi State. In this interview with the Reformist, he spoke on the unity of Ebonyi people, how Ebonyi people are being maltreated in various state of the federation and other number of issues. Excerpts


Sir, we would want to know what prompted the establishment of your organization.

Well, it was originated from our ancestors. The message came through hallucination; the Ebonyi elders visited me in a dream and gave me a mandate primarily focused on bringing together all Ebonyi people in Diaspora. According to the message, that their sons and daughters in different parts of this world, especially states in southeast and Anambra to be precise are facing humiliation, being treated like criminals without justification.

I simply told them that my financial capacity is very minimal coupled with my little strength and influence and my feeling remains that I may not be the right person to do the job. But after two months, one elderly man visited me once more in my room and demanded to know why I have not executed the said assignment given to me and in an attempt to reasoning with him, he threatened that my refusal shall attract wrath of the ancestors and disappeared thereafter.

What was your position after the threat?

I don’t have option than to adhere strictly to the instruction of the ancestors given that my refusal was not hinged on outright disobedience to the service of my state but based on the reasons of my personal strength or ability to deliver in that respect. Nevertheless, I decided to swing into action by sensitizing my people both home and in diaspora to embrace the need for a communal development, unity of purpose and oneness of action.

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How would you access the political situation in Ebonyi state?

Democracy having its root from the people, as their government and for them should devoid of rancor, acrimony and bitterness.

It should operate from the stand point of bridging the gap between the leaders and the led and maintenance of peace unity and over all development of the state.

We would like to know your stands on Dave Umahi as governor of Ebonyi state?

Leadership come from God and political leadership must also be built on that foundation. Therefore, Engr. Dave Umaih has demonstrated a high level of leadership quality by a reasonable assessment starting from PDP Chairmanship in the state. Umahi has also held the office of a deputy governor where he convincingly displayed his vibrancy in administration so PDP has not made any mistake in choosing him as the party’s flag bearer in 2015 governorship election.

Umahi after all due political contest warn conversely in that election and emerged as governor of the state. He equally established the fact that he is a leader through hard work and provision of democratic dividends to the people of Ebonyi state. Before now Abakaliki was something else but with the emergence of the incumbent governor David Umahi , the people of the state have experienced good governance and development in various communities in the state so he has changed the face of the state.

Tell us your personal assessment and recommendation of Umahi as the best choice for the office of the state governor?

Umahi has shown some level of commitment and selfless services to the state and served in that capacity, he is generally believed to have known the need of the people. Umahi has the spirit to change the face of Ebonyi in the area of job creation and overall development of the state.

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Do you see these politicians such as Dr Sam Egwu working for the interest of Ebonyi state?

Yes, Dr Sam Egwu without bias has the interest of the state at hart; remember he governed Ebonyi state for eight years. Egwu contributed for the development of the state so the former governor is one of the stakeholders and no matter how we look at it he is also factor in Ebonyi politics. The only thing our people should try to do is to emulate politics without bitterness and respect for one another.

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