PPC Guber Candidate urges Electorates to Vote Individuals not Political Party

PPC Guber Candidate urges Electorates to Vote Individuals not Political Party
By Ify Ashi, Umuahia
Abia State governorship candidate of Providence People’s Congress, PPC, and Comrade Fortunes Paul Okoronkwo has called on Abians to jettison the idea of voting for political parties but to vote quality and experienced individuals with track record.

Interacting with newsmen in his party’s office, Umuahia, Okoronkwo insisted that such measures should be the criteria for electing next governor adding that to correct the mistakes of the past the electorate should insist on the right candidate despite the political platform
The Amaba, Isuikwuato-born masters degree holder from the University of Ibadan (UI), expressed optimism that 2019 general election would be peculiar as candidates that would emerged victoriously would be voted based on their antecedents and emphasized that “Politics is not dirty, it is the dirty people in politics that makes it look dirty.”
Okoronkwo who promised to industrialize the State, if he wins, urged Abians to correct the mistakes of the past by insisting on the right candidate despite the political platform.
He said “Nobody saw David emerging as successor to King Saul or defeating Goliath the giant. In both instances he was clearly an underdog but God’s grace stood him out. In my case, even those who tell me to my face that I will win next year’s governorship election secretly doubt it. Like Jesse, David’s father who didn’t even include David in the roll call when Prophet Samuel came to anoint Saul’s successor, these people simply cannot see how Fortunes Okoronkwo can emerge the next Governor of Abia state. But they forget that human validation isn’t equal to divine approval. I will win the coming governorship election come 2019, in spite of my obvious disadvantages. How it will happen, I don’t even know, but I know I will be declared winner by the Grace of God.
On the recent publication of names of governorship candidates and their political parties by the INEC, the Guber candidate of PPC expressed his unflinching joy over the development and added that the political space has been opened for patriotic Nigerians to participate in governance of the nation.
Speaking also, the state party chairman, Ambassador Chris Okechukwu pointed out that PPC was founded in Christian faith to bring about the needed change that Abians and Nigerians have been clamouring for.
He said, “Abia state has suffered backwardness, Abians are crying out for help and liberation, they have resigned themselves to their fate and the PPC has come for the needed change. We are the envoy of God, set to bring in the will of God into God’s own state because Abia has lost its greater part of glory.
“Abians are suffering from government insensitivity to their needs and wants, developmentally, Abia is not functioning, and 90 percent of our graduates migrate to other States in search of jobs, so we are calling for a paradigm shift.
“Abians should make a choice between a party set up by God to redeem them and the party that will offer them peanuts and enslave them for the next four years our victory should be a collective one to liberate the state from years of bad governance”.

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