IPOB Describes Military invasion as genocide —Urges Nigeria to produce Kanu, others or face the consequences

IPOB Describes Military invasion as genocide —Urges Nigeria to produce Kanu, others or face the consequences
By Larry Onwuta
Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, mobilization officer Comrade Freedom Bullet has described the military invasion of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s home as genocide against the people of Biafra, stating that such action amounts to man’s inhumanity to man and a breach of international laws that guarantees rights for freedom of speech and self-determination.
Comrade Freedom Bullet noted that the invasion was a conspiracy between the federal government of Nigeria and its military to wipe out the entire people within the old eastern Nigeria origin.
He made this known to Reformist in Umuahia, according to him, no amount of pressure, intimidation, killings will deter or frighten them as the restoration of Biafra sovereignty is a task that must be done.
IPOB mobilization officer however called on the United Nations to urgently intervene in this pogrom going on in the Biafra land as fixing a date for Biafra referendum would not only stop the killings but end the over hundred years of agitation for the republic of Biafra.
Also describing the recent alleged Nigeria’s pulling out from international organizations such as United Nations, African Union etc and retaining their membership in the Organization of Islamic Conference, OIC which does not protect the interest of non Muslims in the country as unfortunate.
In his words: “This singular act signifies that the country called Nigeria has expired, broken into different segments or regional boundaries. That the evidences before the United Nations have authenticated the IPOB genniue aspiration and quest for Biafra restoration”
“British governments should hastening and avoid procrastination in search of their citizen Mazi Nnamdi Kanu hence Nigeria government and its military have played into their hands”
Given a detailed account of the military operation at Knu’s home, “Bullet said “On Afor day of September 10th 2017, at about 5. 07 pm the military invaded Nnamdi Kanus;s home at Afaraukwu and short one of the IPOB member, Blessing Etim who came from Adiasim in Esenudim local government area of Akwa Ibom State”.
“Second attack was on the 11th September Nkwo day they came with the full armament with armored cars numbering of over 3 with full military personals, full company of over 250 soldiers”.
“On the same 11th September, the Nigeria military personals attacked Kanu at Ubakala junction face to face attack and Chukwu Okikeabiam delivered him.
“On Eke day being 12th of September 2017, the army came with one full company of military known as operation python dance 2 with 3 Armoured cars and 4 military hillous vans and one 1414 truck loaded with armed soldiers”
“On Thursday 14th the D-day at about two Pm, the Nigeria surveillance team came with helicopter to spy the home of Mazi Kanu and returned back by 5. 07 pm for full attack after which many were sort dead both women and men including the female cook and the king’s friendly dog known as Jacky”.
While reacting to the position of Nigeria’s Army Spokesman, Usman who said that one of Nnamdi Kanu’s younger brothers said that he was in hiding, he knew where he was, IPOB mobilization officer blast the Nigeria military to stop playing games with the life of Nnamdi Kanu as such propaganda will not save them rather it will cause more trouble as Nigeria is already facing challenges before the international community.
The military is known and highly respected organization and dabbling into politics at this point would further jeopardize the trust people have for the army, Bullet said the army exercising its professionalism through military intelligence to investigate and brought the man who says he knows where IPOB leader is to book otherwise the Nigeria army must be held responsible for Kanu’s disappearance because the army invaded his home killed many people, took some away, and probably Mazi Nnamdi Kanu may be one of those killed therefore Army should provide him dead or alive, Bullet stated.

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