Importers Association’s Boss  Cautions Imposters

Importers Association’s Boss  Cautions Imposters
From Alphonsus Nweze
The Chairman of Board of Trustees (BoT), Importers Association of Nigeria,High Chief Gilbert Obi, has warned those still parading themselves as leaders of the association to desist forthwith or face the dire consequences of their actions.
Chief Obi who spoke to newsmen in his office in Onitsha, the Anambra State commercial nerve centre weekend, said this warning has become necessary because some people were  still parading themselves in various parts of the country as leaders of the association.
He said they were being deceived by one Chief Emmanuel Okeke who has since been expelled from the association by members of BoT during a meeting held in  Best Western Hotel, Porthacourt, Rivers State on December 15, 2015.
After the expulsion Okereke went to Abuja High Court to challenge it , which gave him a favourable judgment but the BoT members appealed against the matter.
The Appeal Court sitting in Abuja in its judgment February this year quashed the judgment of Abuja High Court and sustained Okereke’s expulsion.
However after the AppealCourt judgment, said Chief Obi,  popularly known as “Bravo” Okereke  still went ahead to  parade  himself as the National President of the association.
Consequently, said Chief Obi, they wrote a petition to Police Headquarters, Abuja, which despatched a team to arrest him, where he purportedly was organising a seminar.
Okereke however with his boys  were said to have resisted arrest and beaten up  the Police men and dumped into their car booth.
The Police moved swiftly, arrested him and searched his house, where they got arms and ammunition and he is now facing charges from Police.
In granting the appeal of BoT members, the Appeal Court presided over by Justice Stephen Jonah Adah, asked Okereke’s lawyers  to remit the case back to the Abuja High Court fort  hearing by another Judge.
He also directed that pleadings shall be considered by the trial Court.
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