Ifeanyi Ubah Vows to Create over 5000 jobs, build Games Village, others

Ifeanyi Ubah Vows to Create over 5000 jobs, build Games Village, others

The noble effort of an oil magnet, Chairman/CEO of Capital Oil and Ifeanyi Ubah (FC) Dr Ifeanyi Patrick Uba to create over five thousand jobs in this part of the world has continued to yield fruits as , his and Governor Willie Obiano visit to a multi-purpose international stadium at Nnewi for an inspection of ongoing projects at the site. Our Reporter was at nthe event where he spoke about Industrial Park, Women and Youth Development Centre and Residential Village as well as the state of her club, business and other issues Excerpt:

What is your interest in establishing Games Village, and what would be its contribution to sports development in the Anambra State, Nigeria and Africa at large?

Well, if its contribution will be to my pocket that would be a good work (laughs). Because I don’t see what one would be expecting from a game’s village than where you can have leisure and exercise yourself. We need to lift it to a world tourism center in Anambra State.

We need to engage our people in sporting activities. And also use it to help ourselves and bring dividends to the country. We want to celebrate the name of Anambra state again like what they have in Delta state. Anambra have been leading in sports and won’t stop.

The only problem is diverse initiative and it is eating deep. You have never seen any construction company in this state that has such equipment we have at the stadium construction site. Remember, I never did any contract for anyone in my life. This is solely our company’s project. But I thank God I was able to move them to the state and they are giving us lots of value in terms of logistics. So, we are jumping and rolling. We can’t wait to have a game village before the end of this year by the Grace of God.

The storm will soon be over. The people that love football will live to enjoy it. We will soon conduct election for Ifeanyi Ubah FC. On the women football, we are working on woman team. Before next year we will have it once we are able to stop the hitches.

Apart from sports, where do you place women especially on training, skills acquisitions and others?

If you have gone through the structures we are putting up, you will see where we setup women and youths development centre. So we are working on that. It is part of our project. We have a lot for women and youth empowerment and training. You will be marveled when you see it.

Sir, what we saw on the field shows that your players are more of Brazilians. So, what are your plans to get more Anambra and Nigerian youths into your FC?

It is a very good question…Just a week ago we concluded the first youth tournament we had. We played across local government areas. And I paid them cash instantly.

We spent over two to four million naira. It is a recognized outing. We were able to pick a lot of talents. The point is that I came in last year, and faced a lot of challenges. So, we want to be in forefront not at the back. So, as things went the way and we got eleven positions. I went to the market… Next season I will have over 16 strong teams from Nnewi, and Anambra youths will enjoy the move.

We are building a two hundred self-contained suit for our team. We are going to have over two hundred players by next year. Whatever you see in Europe would be replicated here. So much is ongoing, and I am sure we are going to achieve that fit. It is not about Brazilians. We will have our own but we are planning to hit it hard. That is why we are always at top.

What structure are you and other interventions you are putting in place to sustain your club?

Sustainability…I don’t do a thing that falls back. I have never entered a project that ever collapsed. I am not trying to flatter anybody. I have this whole street in Nnewi, Anambra which I singlehandedly built and it is the best. I have fuel stations all over the place but they are closed up because I don’t want to belong to a group of selling fuel at unpleasant price. But sometimes, you don’t blame them because they are there for business. That is why I come out with mine in a reduced price when I see that it is going far far beyond imagination. But if the product is available I will not intervene. I believe my Enugu petrol depot would soon be on track within the next 120 days so that we can use it to stabilize the fuel availability at reduced price in the whole South-East.

You are the major stakeholder in the oil sector. Are you not concerned of the issue of governance in the South-East?

When I contested in Anambra 2013 gubernatorial poll I said so many things including that I need not be in governance to make physical cash. On the issue of Southeast roads, it is good you said it. Some of them are building millions for themselves.

I will soon name them. They are only thinking of how to accumulate selfish wealth. There is no sincerity in governance. It is very painful. I stand on fighting corruption. There is nothing I can do because I am not yet a governor. But small time, we shall know. If the government of Chief Willie Obiano is doing well and continues doing well as I said earlier, he will have the second chance. But, if not….?

Coming back to your plan on Game’s Village, do you plan to invest on other sporting activities like athletics and others? Secondly, we saw the state governor in the novelty match between your FC and ABS, so do you have any synergy with the state government?

We don’t have any but we are planning to work it out. This is first time I am meeting with the governor , Chief Obiano in public function in Anambra state. Our game village will be a one stop structure in everything concerning sports. God has given us an asset which we must put in place accordingly.
It is not football alone we have so many other things like table tennis, tartan, and others.

What are your plans to partner or play with foreign based clubs like Barcelona and others in other to revolutionize the country’s football?

The seriousness, the zeal and passions we are putting in place; look at the vehicles, the equipments, the caterpillars, etc. you will surely appreciate what we are bringing on board. I am sure that this game village will be a talk of the town because of the employment and other things it will bring to the state and beyond. But I won’t want to talk much now till when you shall see them.

I am partnering the foreign clubs. We are buying a club in Israel and we have just made some payments. We will soon announce our European partnership in the next two week. We are having European friendly match soon. We want to act sharply before we go to London.

Sir, for sometimes now, you have consistently said that Willie is working which is a kind of endorsement of the present administration. What of if Anambrarians call you to come and be their governor?

Till then but for today I don’t want trouble. All I know is that Willie is working. Willie is indeed working. That is the position of things and you heard me say it loud and clear at the field before the novelty match.


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