Ezeibe The HIV/AIDS Scientist Rises An Alarm Over Israeli Claim To Same Drug

Ezeibe The HIV/AIDS Scientist Rises An Alarm Over Israeli Claim To Same Drug
By Ify Ashi, Umuahia
Professor Maduike Ezeibe the Dean Veterinary Medicine of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, (MOUAU) Umuahia, Abia state, the man who discovered the cure for HIV/AIDS through his Aluminum magnesium silicate has risen an alarm that the recent Israeli scientist HIV-Cure claim might be his discovery.
The professor revealed this in his office in the University while interacting with some journalists in Umuahia, he said that the Israeli HIV-cure, A synthetic peptide Mimicking HIV- integrese (enzyme) that destroy HIV- infected cells is very much similar with his Aluminum- magnesium silicate adding that the composition of the two drugs is almost the same.
It will be recalled that Professor Ezeibe said he discovered the cure since 2006 and in the period of over ten years the drug have been undergoing clinical investigation and in 2017 the federal government awarded him patent right to the drug and two years down the line began the administration of the drugs to HIV patients with referral medical note from qualified doctors before treatment.
He noted that he has put so much efforts for years in the discovery of the drug and also traveled to so many countries including America to defend the drug adding also the drug has been documented in books, patents, journal articles and conference proceeds across the world.
He however regretted that the federal government at this stage ought to come in and commercialized the drug but seems not to be interested adding that his fears is that the Israeli inventor who might have his government support might come out to commercialized the drug and take the credit.
In the letter he wrote to the federal government he urged the government to demand from Israeli scientist the chemical composition of substance they isolated from HIV and the common features Of HIV cancer drugs which relate to his own drug.
He maintained that it was unfortunate that Nigerians do not value their own reiterated that if the same drug was discovered by a white man, by now we would have been celebrating that there is a new drug in the market for the cure of HIV- AIDS.
Ezeibe disclosed that every composition used in making the drug is in the public domain and possible for anybody to add one or two things and claimed to have discovered the cure just like the case at hand of an Israeli scientist.
The professor further added that his medicinal synthetic aluminum magnesium silicate (MSAMS) affect other abnormal cells like fibroid and cancer adding that a scan of uterus of a fibroid patient revealed 4 big masses measuring 5239.52mm² before the treatment but after six months on MSAMS antioxidants treatment the “big masses” reduced to 2, measuring 836.94mm²
(84.04% reduction)
He said the infection cleared by normal dose of pipazine/ampiciline stabilized with MSAMS improved from 82.94% / 80.68% to 92.04 %/ 86.36% reducing doses to 75 % and stabilizing with the MSAMS Improved (PS 0.05) the clearance to 96.82% 97.84 %. With resistant infections, when ampicillin/ cotrimazole was stabilized with the MSAMS, 75% of the dose (in synergy with antioxidants) improved infection clearance of resistant.
He used the occasion to call on all those who have received cure after taking the drug to come for antigene confirmatory test to authentic their cure.
The professor disclosed that it was disturbing when people begin to get better after taking the drug but failed to come for the final test that will authentic their healing.

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