Erosion Sacks Over 200 persons in Onitsham

Erosion Sacks Over 200 persons in Onitsha
…Destroys five houses
…five more under threat

By Alphonsus Nweze

Over 100 persons have been rendered homeless by gully erosion which also destroyed five houses, including a two-storey building in Onitsha, Anambra State.

Five more houses including St. Philips Anglican Church, and a school belonging to Redeemed Church in Nkisi Aroli/Obeleagu, Inland Town, Onitsha would soon give way if nothing urgent was done.
Members of the Displaced Residents of the community who were in tears consequently have sent Save Our Soul (SOS), message to Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State and President Mohammed Buhari through the Ecological Fund office to immediately come to thrir rescue to checkmate the fast widening erosion site to salvage the remaining buildings and the residents.

In the letters they wrote to the relevant authorites and individuals, the victims said ” we hoped that the Onitsha North Local Government, the State Ministry of Environment would have come urgently to our rescue to stop further impact.

Now, the result is that more buildings go do once it rains.We fear for our lives.Our hearts ache because of properties of families and legacies lost”.

The spokesperson of the community, Mr. Arthur Mazeli, said they had equally written to the National Assembly through their representatives, Lynda Chuba Ikoeazu and Senator Stella Odua, reoresenting Onitsha North Senatorial zone in the Senate but lamented that nothing has been done.

He said some officials of Anambra State Government including Commissioners for Envrionment and Agriculture, the State Commissioner of Police had visited the site, promising to do something drastic .

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He said the only thing which they saw was when the Member representing Onitsha 1 State constituency, and the State Emergency Relief Agency (SEMA) officiaks came with some relief items such as two inches mattresses for the displaced persons.

But Mazeli said while they thank the State Government for the concern they have shown so far, they should do more to prevent further expansion of the erosion site which will swallow more houses and render more families homeless if nothing drastic was not done.

He said everything they have done so far was purely communal effort, which was like a drop of water in the ocean and therefore does not go far.

He debunked insinuation that some houses were built on water channel,stressing that the drainage channel which collects water from the upper part of Inland Town gave way apparently due to the force of the flood, which started eating deep into the soil.

“Within an interval of about two weeks the flood started eating deep the soil. The incident began on 11th September, 2019, after a heavy down pour.It claimed a two story building initially. Today it has taken four more homes.The aftermath is continually widening and frightful creation of a gully”.

The Priest in charge of St. Philips Anglican Church, Umu- Aroli, Rev. Chinedu Agugua, said while thanking God that in all this, no life was lost, they were eagerly looking foward to see immediste Government’s intervention.

He said that apart from the fact that his Church was under serious threat, some of the victims we’re members of his Church.

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He called various Government agencies, prominent citizens and concerned individuals to come to rescue of the community before it becomes too late..

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