Ekweremadu’s Assault, Bitter Lesson For Political Class.

Ekweremadu’s Assault, Bitter Lesson For Political Class.
By Alphonsus Nweze
The General Overseer of Bible Base Miracle Assembly, Rev Jerry Nwachukwu, has said that the recent assault of the former Deputy Senate President of Nigeriia, Dr. Ike Ekweremadu, was a clear sigal to Nigeriian political class and Ndigbo in particular that the people are not happy with them.
Speaking to newsmen in his office in Onitsha, Rev. Nwachukwu said he was not in support of the manhandling of Ekweremadu because it negates the culture of Ndigbo but the action of the people in Numberg, Germany was a clear message to our politicians that the people were not happy at all.
Ekweremadu who went to the German city on the invitation of Ndigbo to celebrate their new yam festival was molested by some people who believed that his customised Coat of Arm dress did not reflect the mood of the time and the festivy.
But Rev. Nwachukwu said the lesson from the incident was not only for politicians in the South East but the entire country, that they should remain here and build their own country.
He however asked people not to be quick to judge because what happened to Ekweremadu might have been what transpired behind the scene which most people don’t know.
He said ” the question which Ekweremadu should answer is what role did he play during the last Presidential election.Did he work for Ndigbo or against their interest? Who did he support? What was his body language? Where did he pitch his tent? ”
He asked what was Ekweremadu’s reaction to the killings and kidnappings in his constituency in Enugu East Senatorial zone in the last few weeks before he jetted out to Germany to celebrate the new yam festival there.
The General Overseer said the position and plight of Ndigbo in this dispensation did not warrant travelling abroad for celebration.
But he warned that the incident was a sign to all politicians that in no distant time disenchanted “Nigerians will stone them here in Nigera, in their backyard, in their houses. At that time security operatives surrounding them cannot help them. Why are they all cancelling their trips overseas now? You know in abroad people can express themselves. They can express their feelings abroad than in Nigeria. But time will come when there will be no safe place for these politicians in Nigeria?”
He advised those who said that the attackers of Ekweremadu would be brought to book in Germany to perish that idea because the German Government was aware of what happened and the fact that African political class have failed their people woefully”.
He lamented that the Igbo political class are not working for their people but purely for their selfish interest.
” Where does Ekweremadu belong now? Is he PDP or APC? Whose interest is he representing? By now he should be folding his political structure. The hand writing is clearly written on the wall that he is fading away” said the Cleric.
Continuing he said ” I learnt he is warming up to contest for the Governor of Enugu State after Ugwuanyi’s tenure. The people will disapooit him.. Equity, fairness and performance will not give it to him. He should retire honourably . What did he forget in the Senate that he even went back? What impact does he have on his people. What value does he want to add”.
He said the Federal Government and other agents of oppressive class were in support of Ekweremadu because they are against the collective interest of Ndigbo.

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