Death in Onitsha hotel: Police arrest five suspects

Death in Onitsha hotel: Police arrest five suspects

By Alphonsus Nweze

The Police in Anambra State have arrested five workers of a hotel in Onitsha, where a man was said to have died after bouts of sec.

The arrest followed a petition raised by the deceased family alleging that their brother did not died during sex as  the Hotel management and the Police in Onitsha erroneously made the whole world to believe.

Police detectives from Anambra State Police Headquarters, Awka during the weekend stormed the hotel, where they arrested five suspects including a woman.

It was  gathered that the manager of the hotel who was invited to make another statement in Awka, is also under detention.

 Mr. Chinedu Idoko, the younger brother of the deceased  told   newsmen that the petition was for the Police to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter because  his brother  was
murdered  in this Hotel on 30th January 2020.

” So, we petitioned the Commissioner of Police Anambra state and with the  directives, police are here today as you people  are seeing” he said.

Chinedu who was fuming  explained  why police should
arrest every body found in the Hotel even the artisans  who where renovating the Hotel  was because all of them were in the Hotel premises when he arrived and found his brother dead in front of the hotel, not inside hotel room.

“Already, the suspects with Police gave their  names to police, I am not a police man and I cannot teach police their work but police have their  names already and based on that  fact,  work was going on even the day I found my brother dead at the Hotel premises. May be that was why
police want everybody so that they can say what they saw or what they know about the incident on that day” he said.

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Continuing Chienedu said ” I am suspecting the Hotel of being responsible for the death of my
brother, because there was a lot of foul play. I witnessed everything, I have evidence, the picture and everything. You cannot tell me that my brother died while  having sex with a lady but I found my brother laying down in the Hotel compound with all his cloths
still intact, nothing happened to it.

I don’t know anything about any lady and I did not see any lady when I arrived at the Hotel. My first question when I came was where is the owner of the Hotel or the manager of the Hotel? They showed me the manager and I asked him what happened? He told me that my brother came
with a lady in the Hotel and after 45 minutes, he heard somebody
shouting in the room, he was the one who brought down my brother. My second questions was, where is the lady? He said the lady went away but he knows the lady. So, I said, you know the lady you allowed the lady to  go out like that? Then my   third question, I asked who called my brother’ s wife, he said one of his  workers called my brothers wife”.

Chinefu continued  “so, I asked them can I see my brother’s phone so that I can know whether I can   see the last call of the lady. But behold, the two phones of my brother were  damaged. That is why I will hold the Hotel responsible for  killing my brother until they provide the  people who were behind it or show evidence that my brother died while having sex with a lady,. It is then that I will be satisfied and court will know what to do about
He accused the manager  of being prime suspect in the matter because, what  he is saying now was not what he told me before .
Chinedu said the manager was said to have told him that he was the one who lodged his brother but in the manifest he brought , the name written was  I  Bartholomew and  stated emphatically that his brother’s name is not Bartholomew.

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“On that very Thursday the incident happened, I was surprised o read it in  the online news  the same day. On 1st February, police has already
raised a report that a man died on top of a woman but the woman
was not yet to be found even now. The police from Central Police
Station Onitsha which the manager invited said they have sent an autopsy report but
as I am talking to you now, I am the one looking for autopsy. So, if
you are in my shoe what will you do? Won’t you suspect the manager until he proves himself innocent or guilty”

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