Anambra: Shrine on death vengeance against land grabbers

Anambra: Shrine on death vengeance against land grabbers

By Chinaza Nwachukwu Onitsha

Irked by the incessant encroachment on its land situated at Iba Okaka, Abor village, Umuoji, Idemili North Local Government Area, Anambra state, by suspected land grabbers, Udo shrine vowed to avenge with death on any of the land grabbers who fails to withdraw from such encroachment immediately.

This disclosure was made by the Chief Priest of the shrine, Nnamdi
Anaeze Ezegbo, while expressing the shrine’s dissatisfaction on the
encroachment recalling that some who embarked on the encroachment some years ago could not live to tell their story when the shrine waged war
against the grabbers.”

“Few who survived the attack ran amock while others lived a life of
displeasure and sickness.

It is only the descendants of my great, great grand father, that have
right to do whatever they want on the land”.

This shrine that has the potentiality of giving child to barren women,
enriching the poor, curing all manners of sickness and protecting people from attack, told me I should not hesitate to inform the grabbers and others who plant charms within its premises against its Priest and other perceived enemies that its vow to avenge with death must be fulfiled”.

On how the shrine came into Umuoji, Nnamdi revealed that, “in those days my great, great grand father committed a taboo and ran to Nkpor, his maternal home and after the exile his maternal relations resolved that he would be escorted back with a shrine for protection and so they went to a neighbouring Obosi community and brought the Udo shrine which they kept at Enugwu Umusiome Nkpor prior to escorting him to Umuoji with the shrine and stayed there till date at the present location called, Iba Okaka”

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He recalled when son to his predecessor brought some native doctors when he was marking a festival and on coming there the doctors shouted that I was the ordained priest to the shrine and no other person and today it came to be a reality”

Asked if his priesthood was divine he stated, “yes because before now I was an unhappy man and always quarelsome and very aggressive at the slightest provocation. Nothing was moving fine for me and whenever am with my wife I feel sad and also like kiling people and inflicting bodily injury on any perceived enemy and any business I lay my hand upon crumbles”

“It was in a dream that I was called to take charge of the shrine as the next successor after the era of late Sunday Onyeogu as priest, and
in obedience I went to Nkpor, my great, great grand father’s maternal
home where I was presented with staff of office (offor) by the chief
priest of Umusiome Nkpor, Adichie, and he was present when I
celebrated my maiden newyam festival last year at the Iba Okaka

Contacted, Mr Fidelis Anaeze Ezegbo, aged 95 and father to the chief Priest recalled when he accompanied his late father to the Iba Okaka for farming and on getting there he would sit under the colanut tree as a child while the father did the farming.

“It was in one of those days that I asked my father about the Udo
shrine that was there and he told me it was brought by his grand
father from Obosi to NKpor and finally to Umuoji. That his grand
father committed an abormination and ran to his Nkpor maternal home and on return to Umuoji, was escorted by the Udo shrine for

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“Whoever that encroaches on the land where the shrine is situated
wants to die and those who tried it died and some who survived the
attack suffer serious health problem today. The shrine kills and those encroaching on its land will wait and see what will happen. I am sure of what am saying because we were witnesses to how some people who tried it died”

“Nobody dares tamper with the land at Iba Okaka and goes scott-free except children of our great grand father till date unless you want to die and the people know it and also that it is only the descendants that will be the priest”

“The shrine gives joy to the sad and protects the defenceless so long your hands are clean. My son Nnamdi wants to protect his father’s property and I endorsed it as it is natural since he is the only one among the children of the family that agreed to be the chief priest of Udo after Sunday Onyeogu”

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