Human Rights group urges Igbo’s to protect themselves against herdsmen killings 

Human Rights group urges  Igbo’s to protect themselves against herdsmen killings 

By Larry Onwuta

Human Rights  group  Voice from the East VEAST, has described the  killings of Igos in Anambra state by Fulani herdsmen   over  which more  than  six   people  were killed  as process of Islamaization going on in the country.

The leader of the group Comrade Kindness Jonah in a press statement made available to Reformist online version of the magazine condemned the activities of herdsmen in the country which the group described as criminal and as terrorists net work across the globe.

Comrade Jonah said those people killed were farmers who went  to their  farms  at  Anambra  West Local Government Area  of the State, at Agweopia, Iyiogbu and lIyinkolo  communities.

The group however called on gbos  every where  in the seven Igbo States   of Abia, Anambra, Delta, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo  and  Rivers  to rise up to  the  challenges posed  by  the killers as they should understand that the movement was geard towards islamization mistakenly  called Fulani herdsmen, he stated.

He said the only way to stop herdsmen killing activities in the country especially in the south east was to pay them with the same coin and protect themselves in their various communities.

The  group  said  that  this  standpoint has  become  very obvious  considering  the glarring  fact  that “federal  Government  under Buhari has  been paying lip service to  dealing  with the killer called  herdsmen” 

“Federal government  under Buhari has not committed itself to  arresting  the  Fulani herdsmen that  have been most wantonly  killing innocent Nigerians  in their farms. Streets  and yards”. “

The leader of the Voice of the East, Comrade Kindness Jonah also accused Federal Government  under Buhari  of using  the  military and  police to propagate  the  course of  jihad  by  indirectly  empowering Fulani herdsmen and  refusing to  arresting  them  , and seeing  them parading AK -47 killing and maiming  innocent  Nigerians and  doing  nothing  but lip service, and so,  they  are emboldened   by  the day  to be  killing  most  recklessly”.

He also alleged that federal Government  under Buhari   planed to using  state fund  to  procure  land  for  the Fulani herdsmen  across Nigeria  against  peoples wishes, thus  planning for more  bloodshed. “Buhari  as the President of Nigeria should resign  his position as  the  life  patron of  the murderous  Miyettiallah  cattle breeders Association”. “Buhari  as the President of Nigeria should stop using public fund  to   be financing private  businesses  of  cattle owners  as  in building cattle reserves  and ranches for  cattle  owners whose cattle are  being reared  by  the itinerant and  bloodsucking Fulani herdsmen”.


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