2019 Election Fall -out: Obosi Community Suspends Chidoka, Ex- Minister, two others as Chiefs

2019 Election Fall -out:
Obosi Community Suspends Chidoka, Ex- Minister, two others as Chiefs
By Alphonsus Nweze
Former Minister of Aviation and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain in Anambra State, have been suspended indefinitely as chiefs of Obosi Community in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State.
The two other Ndichies alleged to have committed the abomination were Chiefs Linus Mgbakogu and Hyacinth Udemba.
Announcing the suspension of three Ndichie weekend at the Palace of Eze Obosi, Igwe Iweka, on behalf of Eze and Ndichie, Prince (Dr) Kenneth Mozie accused Chidoka and two others of dumping two dead bodies in the Palace of Igwe Iweka which negates the tradition of the ancient Obosi kingdom.
He said the tradition of the community forbids the king and title holders in the community from seeing corpses.
The spokesman said the two bodies which were escorted to the Palace by Chidoka and two other chiefs might have been shot dead in the circumstances suspected to be connected with the re-run election held at Obosi on the same March 9, 2019, the same day they shot and killed.
He said they loaded the corpses at the back of a Hilux Van and later “matched on foot directly behind the corpses, through the main Street of Obosi, a public and flagrant violation of a sacred taboo in Obosi tradition”.
Prince Mozie said “with Osita Chidoka and Chief Linus Mgbakogu directing affairs, and Chief Hyacinth Udemba videoing the elaborate charade, they headed towards the Palace of Eze Obosi, gathering a large crowd as they moved to the Palace”
When they arrived at the Palace, said Mozie, Chidoka and the two other Ndichies ordered
that the corpses be off-loaded and dumped at the Palace, “an insulting and dishonoring act, an abomination, of the gravest magnitude especially coming from titled men who swore to uphold the sacred customs of the kingdom”.
He went to allege that Chidoka via a public address system made an inciting speech calculated to malign the authority of the Obosi monarch as well as the office of Anambra State Governor and some other persons.
Against this backdrop, he said, after due consultation and deliberations with relevant ancient traditional institutions in the community, the “Igwe-in- Council hereby announce the indefinite suspension from Igwe’s royal cabinet of the three Ndichies for their acts of sacrilege and abomination they committed against the revered age old customs of the people of ancient Obosi kingdom”.
But a member of the Ndichie and Onowu if Obosi, Chief Anthony Ezenwabude kicked against the suspension, saying it was not in line with the tradition of Obosi

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